Onboard or Transition to the new Microsoft Cloud Partner Program (MCPP)

If you’re a new or an existing partner to Microsoft looking for help to onboard or transition to the new Microsoft Cloud Partner Program (MCPP), this guide you through the process seamlessly.

Microsoft Cloud Partner Program - Digital Practice Builder

New Microsoft Partner

If you’re a new partner to Microsoft, start at Sprint 1. This will help you get ready to transact with Tech Data and orient you to the CSP program. We’ll guide you through the process and ensure you are prepared to start selling and to grow your business.

Existing Microsoft Silver or Gold Partner

If you’re an existing Microsoft silver or gold partner, start at Sprint 2. We’ve developed this Practice Builder Path aligned to the proven change management method of ADKAR by Prosci to help you prepare for the changes around MCPP and be ready to seamlessly transition to the new program.

Sprint 1: Awareness: Understand the Need for Change

Identify and understand the need for change.

Sprint 2: Desire: Learn the Value of MCPP to Your Organisation

Identify personal and organizational motivators to support change.

Sprint 3: Knowledge: Learn What is Changing

Develop skills and training around the change.

Sprint 4: Ability: Drive Your Skills and Goals

Take the knowledge to the next level with application.

Sprint 5: Reinforcement: Create Lasting Change

Ensure change is lasting, effective and well-communicated.

How to access

The Microsoft MCPP enablement path can be accessed from our Tech Data Channel Academy Learning Management System.

Select the appropriate button to be directed to the learning.

New Users

Existing Users

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